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NFPA 80 5.2.1 on Inspections

Fire door assemblies shall be inspected and tested no less than annually, and a written record of the inspecion shall be signed and kept for inspection by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.


NFPA 80 on Functional Testing

Functional testing of fire door and window assemblies shall be performed by individuals with knowledge and understanding of the operation components of the type of door being subject to testing.


Clean Chutes USA experts provide a variety of services to commercial and residential customers throughout the Midwest. At Clean Chutes USA, we specialize in trash and linen chute:

Installation - We manufacture chutes that meet all ADA requirements. Trash/linen chutes are made of #16 gauge steel and have joints welded for maximum strength. The chutes include handicap accessible doors, fire rated doors, automatic fire sprinklers and fusible links. We are insured and licensed by the State of Wisconsin

Inspection - Clean Chutes qualified technicians will inspect each intake door, discharge door, and the interior of the chute that can be visually observed. We will determine if all parts are in good and properly working condition, or if repairs are needed. We attach certification stickers to doors that pass inspection so they are available for fire and insurance inspectors. A comprehensive report will be provided with a list of any doors that do not pass inspection and the necessary repairs. The Clean Chute experts can take care of the necessary work, and then provide the chute door certification.

Maintenance & Repair -Chute maintenance service includes regular check-ups, oiling parts, repairing, and replacing improperly functioning chute doors (labor included, parts extra). Should the chute require more extensive repairs, an estimate will be provided for review and approval prior to the start of work. Also, required annually chute door inspections are included for free with a chute maintenance agreement. Compactor maintenance service includes adjusting the photo eye and reflector; checking hydraulic fluid and filter and change once a year; checking ram travel and wear points; checking motor load, cycle time and pump performance; checking access door safety switch; checking all components, hoses, switches and wiring for damage and proper connections. If parts are needed we will let you know about them, why they are needed, and their location. Labor is included, parts are extra.

Cleaning & Odor Control - Clean Chutes will clean the entire chute, including each individual chute door. We will clean up any water and debris in the collection room which was a result of the cleaning process (this does not apply to pre-existing messy conditions). Our process cleans, deodorizes, and uses only environmentally safe products. We saturate the chute with a degreaser, bactericide, and odor killing solution. Then use 3,000 pounds of pressure at 200° to blast the chute clean. Clean Chutes will clean the entire compactor using our environmentally safe degreaser, bactericide, and odor killing solution. We use 3,000 pounds of pressure at 200° to blast the compactor clean. Odor control operates automatically to combat nasty collection room and trash chute odors by automatically dispensing our environmentally friendly, odor reactant solution that controls odors through bio-degrading action. Clean Chutes installs the odor control system for you. Our technicians set up the system to operate automatically for you, and check that it is working properly and replenish the odor neutralizing solution during the scheduled service visits.

We provide estimates for new and existing construction installation, inspections, repair services, parts and cleaning. 

Call us at (262) 241-4468 to speak with an expert today!

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